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- The SD12's Cactus League Debut - ClickShare has Bulked up for the Season -

- Nerd Out with Atlona's Rookie Squad - Fun with The Farm -


Atlona and It’s Omega Mu-ves

Atlona, recently added to the Panduit team of companies, has announced a new series of transmitters, receivers, and switchers in the Omega series. Did you like the HDVS-300? How about the SW-510? What those products provide are the latest conference room requirements, including USB extension over HDBaseT for soft codec conferencing, USB-C extension, wireless connectivity, and audio de-embedding. Sometimes though, you didn’t need multiple USB inputs, or 5 inputs, or wireless. Enter Omega.

The new Omega series have added PoE, native integration with AMS and Velocity, field updateable firmware, and cost flexibility with smaller options featuring single inputs and outputs.

Set to be released in the next month, talk to your Farm rep now about getting a demo and test drive.


Farm Fun Fact #2

David Garlett still thinks March Madness is something you do in formation to the song “Our House.”


Barco Just Plus-sized ClickShare

If you haven’t seen or used a Barco CSE-200, then I blame myself. If you have, you are a 99%-er and know it’s easy-to-use, elegant, and the most commonly used wireless collaboration product on Earth. But if we put a + on the end of the model number, making it the CSE-200+, it becomes even more…because addition is always better. The CSE-200+ adds a local HDMI input for your in-room PC or other video source as well as 4K output. It also introduces two-way communication with touch screens. You will now receive touch back response on your laptop AND annotation capability! That + is kinda awesome. Want to see one? We have them. Call your Farm rep yesterday to get a demo.


DiGiCo SD12 In Your Lap? Yes.

Ever wanted to see what the cool kids are talking about? Tired of mixing on the console your grandpa stole from his grandpa? It’s not every day that a DiGiCo SD12 shows up in your neighborhood to see, touch, and mix on. Grandpa would be jealous.This spring, The Farm will have an SD12 floating around our territory. 

Want to schedule a time to come to your office, your venue, your customer? Call your Farm rep now and get it on the calendar!


Farm Fun Fact #983

Bryce Harper didn’t sign with the San Francisco Giants in the off-season for $330 Million, so buying a beer at a home game will stay priced at $38.00 per ounce.