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- Philips Scouting Report - The Farm's Bullpen is ready to Save your Game -

- QSC MP's are an MVP - Fun with The Farm -


Philips Displays Character

You’ve seen one display, you’ve seen them all, right? Well, what if all the displays you’ve seen come with dictated pricing, or difficult-to-find documentation, or are maddening to control? What if finding the correct sales person for that product, or vertical market, or channel, is like finding a needle in a Samsung stack? We understand. So does Philips. That’s why The Farm is proud to announce that we are representing the Philips Digital Display Solutions.

But Farm Writer Guy, does Philips have the stuff we need? Um….

  • 32”-98” Size options? Yes
  • Available all the time? Yes
  • Built-in Browser? Yes
  • USB Playback? Yes
  • Built-in scheduling? Yes
  • 3-year advanced replacement warranty? Yes
  • Aggressive pricing WITH registration? Yes
  • Native network control (CMND)? Yes

  • High brightness displays? Yes
  • Signal failover options? Yes
  • DICOM image? Yes
  • OPS? Yes
  • Android System-on-a-Chip? Yes
  • Down to 1.8 mm video wall models? Yes
  • The greatest sales representation west of Utah? Yes

Want a demo? Need convincing? We will show up at your house (office), show your family (co-workers), and leave it in your living room (conference room)! We only ask for one chance. Call your Farm rep for that chance!


Farm Fun Fact #590

Every January in preparation for NAMM, Larry Lauzon tells his family it’s 1981. He does Jazzercise, waits for two hours at the gas pump, and eats McDonalds apple pies until he burns the entirety of his mouth. 


We need your help. We are getting ready to launch a new version of . This new version will be so full of amazingness that you might not be able to handle it. Looking for a QSC price list? How about your accounts receivable contact at Listen? Maybe you’d like to track your speaker order with Community? Can’t remember when your Shure order from August shipped? The new Farm website will hold all of those answers. But you will play a part by submitting your orders to or cc’ing . Any time your company is submitting an order, make sure it also goes to . Sending an order to Barco or Atlona? Make sure you send it to or cc . Need a friend? .


QSC MP Amps Shipping

QSC announced the new series of Premium Business Music solutions last fall, and is now shipping all three amplifiers in the MP series! 2, 4, and 8 channel options with up to 1600 watts of power and 8 ohm or 70 volt flexibility. Have you seen them? Take a look here…QSC MP Series Amps . Talk to your Farm rep today for pricing!


Farm Fun Fact #27

If the Cowboys and Patriots play each other in the Super Bowl the entire West Coast will Bird Box themselves.